This was by far the BEST tour especially at Stingray City that I haev ever taken. I did this once before on a glorified fishing boat and it was no where nearly as nice. on a scale of 1 -10 I give this a 20... Great boat, very knowledgable and friendly staff. I highly reccomend this group, becareful of who you book through anyother boat will not be as nice. * * * * *
Submitted By: Andy from New Orleans
Email Id : None@hotmail.com

We had a great experience! My 10 and 12 year old boys loved swimming with the sting rays. They were so gentle and beautiful! The staff was GREAT! They made it very memorable!
Submitted By: Jori from California
Email Id : jhnoguchi@yahoo.com

We had an awesome time on the stingray excursion. We loved Bert and learned a lot about the stingrays and the area. The entire crew was very friendly and down to earth. We enjoyed every minute. The boat was spectacular and very modern. We will definately be back again. They said you get seven years good luck for kissing a stingray and ten for kissing a crew member...let's just say that I am good for life! lol. Great experience...my husband and I were on vacation alone this time and when my kids saw our pics and video all they can talk about is when we are going to take them to swim with the stingrays....so we will def be back!! Thanks for a great time.
Submitted By: Nina McNair
Email Id : nina_mcnair@yahoo.com

it was a great time had by all the crew was great and very informative . i loved the hands on experience . will be doing it again in november and bringing friends. anybody going to grand cayman should do this it is an experience of a life time. would like to thank the crew we had an awsome time looking forward to doing it again .
Submitted By: ann
Email Id : bitchiebrowneyes@yahoo.com

 OMG this was sooooo much fun, first we boarded a trolley that took us to the Marina. That in itself was kind of cool. The boat we boarded at the marina was like something I had never seen before, not your run of the mill catamaran or dive boat, this vessel was classy and fun. I had visited Stingray City Sandbar in the past on a cat and had injured myself on their ladder. The way in and out of the water on this boat was awesome, nice wide steps way down in to the water. The guides were very helpful and knowledgeable and the best part about it is they did not shove a camera in your face and try to talk you into purchasing expensive photos, they did however offer to take pictures for you with your own camera. The worse part about this excursion was the fact that the sandbar was overcrowded that day as there were 5 cruise ships in port. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone that wants to go.
Submitted By: Sue M
Email Id : Suem@yahoo.com.au

 PRIVATE LUXURY YACHT CHARTER Impeccable service and incredibly warm, friendly family (the Eldemire's) with expert Captains made our family trip unbelievably memorable. They went above and beyond to ensure everything was to our expectations. Some of the most honest people we've ever met traveling and easy to work with. We will definitely return again and use MarineLand Tours. I simply can't say enough good things about this family and their classy staff.
Submitted By: HERMAN
Email Id : herman1234@yahoo.com

Short Version: Fantastic experience – the tour guides were incredibly knowledgeable and nice. Bert, Dan and Ritch (and the helmsman) were great with everyone. Very clean and safe. Would take again in a minute. Long Version with Details: The trip, Deluxe Stingray City Tour, with this group was beyond fantastic. Our guides, Bert, Dan, Ritch, and Rick were wonderful with everyone, from small children to older guests. The ride from the ship to the MarineLand boat was in an adorable and comfortable "trolly-style" bus. We were brought to a very clean marina where we were helped onto the very modern, clean, spacious and comfortable boat (with a bathroom.) They gave a travelogue about the North Sound area, the reef, and the history of the stingray congregations. When we reached the sandbar, the staff lowered a very wide staircase with handrails into the water so there were no drops and anyone could comfortably enter and exit the water. Bert and Ritch got into the water with food for the stingrays - and the fish came quickly. As the guides got everyone comfortable with the stingrays, we were given opportunities to hold and feed the stingrays. Some of the rays obviously knew the guides over years of feeding and could be identified by particular scars or injuries. "Molly" adored Bert – seriously, the fish loved that guy. By the end of our time, we were all very comfortable with the rays. The guys also answered all questions about the fish: teaching us all how to identify males from females, explaining their growth and life cycles, and showing us the scars from their near misses with sharks. All of the guides were quick to defend their stingrays from the reputation received after Steve Irwin’s death and explained the stinger’s defensive use. At the end of our time, the captain blew a traditional conch horn (we learned the history of those as well,) and those who were still in the water boarded the boat and we were off. There was complementary water as well as snacks and drinks for sale. The experience was so good that my party would not hesitate to take this excursion again. - Jackie N, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
Submitted By: Jackie N
Email Id : FortLauderdale@Florida.com

 We stepped off our cruise ship and immediately a floating bus captured our attention. We had no prior arrangements and decided to come aboard! Much to see and experience, my entire family wanted to do it again and again. Thank you Cayman for this exciting adventure on sea and land! Recommended for one and all! :) - Aveena, Toronto, Canada
Submitted By: Aveena
Email Id : toronto@canada.com

 I had never seen anything like this before!! An actual bus that you drive right into the water. The tour takes you around Caymana Bay and thru Georgetown then on to the water where they drive over some reefs. They have video screens with camera filming underwater! The crew was very informative and had a good sense of humor. All in all a lot of fun and is a must do in Grand Cayman! - Ncasebolt, Corpus Christie, Texas
Submitted By: Ncasebolt
Email Id : corpuschristie@texas.com

 MarineLand Tours is top notch! My mother, sisters & I swam with the stingrays in Stingray City on MarineLand's fantastic boat - They were extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun! One of the boat's crew members, Bert has one particular stingray called Molly that is very attached to him, she'll keep returning to his arms for him to hold her - very, very sweet. The next time I go to the Cayman's, I'll definably go again with MarineLand and I would highly recommend them to anyone else. - Cheryl1958
Submitted By: Cheryl1958
Email Id : Tampa@Florida.com

Looking forward to participate in all your MarineLand tours! Good luck!
Submitted By: Aleksander Ross
Email Id : vikingland@rogers.com


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