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Water jets are well known in the industry as having a high propulsion efficiency compared to other propulsion device. They have the added advantages of shallow draft, unbeatable maneuverability and safety for the Stingrays at Stingray City.
The all stainless steel 316L construction produces a lightweight jet, 20% lighter than aluminum. Stainless steel also means that you can forget about the complex corrosion protection problems that would occur when using aluminum. The Alpha Power Jet is built to last. By using the Alpha power Jet this allows the vessel to only have a draft of 2 foot 6 inches which will reduce the impact to the sea bed within the North Sound and all shallow areas.


J.D. Power and Associates awarded Caterpillar's C-12 clean power engine its highest levels of customer satisfaction.The C-12 utilizes the building blocks of Caterpillar ACERT Technology, which is a long-term solution that reduces emissions at the point of combustion without sacrificing engine performance and reliability. A systems approach to emissions reduction, it relies on advanced technologies in four key areas: improved air management, precision combustion technology, advanced engine electronics and a simple after-treatment process.˙


In other parts of the world separating your garbage has become a way of life, whether you have green credentials or not, and indeed in some countries the refuse collectors will not dispose of the contents  of a bin if it is not the “right” kind of refuse for that designated bin.
MARINELAND TOURS has made the decision to have seperate garbage bins for metal, plastic and glass and will utilize the growing number of opportunities for recycling waste in Grand Cayman and are totally committed to the Green initiatives being developed.


The Explorathor is 20% lighter and consumes 25% less fuel than any comparable boat of its class or size, and meets the Kyoto emission standards as well. Explorathor owners report saving money and fuel every hour of operation.



The Hydra-Terra is designed not only for safety to the passengers but to the environment as well. Here are a number of reasons why.


  • The caterpillar C7 diesel engine is brand new and meets all current emission requirements of new truck/bus engines for 2010.
  • In marine mode, the twin engines powers the vessel on the water, With the 2010 emissions compliant engine this far surpasses any worldwide requirements of marine diesel emissions and are 325 hp each.
  • The Hydra-Terra is an amphibious vehicle, to do that the engine, transmission all have to be located inside the hull. What this translates to is that no oil, fuel or antifreeze can drip from the vehicle onto the road, the Ocean or the environment!
  • The axle on the vehicle is pressurized to 3 psi. when in the water. This slight air pressure prevents water from intruding into the axle displacing oil which would otherwise leak. Since
    the entire axle is vented inside the vessel, there is no chance of oil pollution from the axle vent system.
  • The only other exterior items that have any potential pollutant is the drive shaft which is serviced with waterproof grease eliminating issues with that.
  • The engine manufacturers have approved the use of Biofuels in the engines further reducing pollutants.
  • The bilge system in the boat is set up with high water alarms. The pumps are NOT automatic. This means that the captain has to make the decision if any pumping is required while on the water. Since the bilges can be kept clean the only time that potential exists for contaminating the waters would be in an emergency life saving situation.


Our vessel has been praised for its environmental record in San Diego bay, one of the most guarded and protected marine areas in the world.


What should I bring with me?:
We recommend that you bring a towel and sunscreen. more...
Is there a bathroom on the Ves
Yes we do have a one bathroom onboard the Hydra Terra Amphib more...
Can I bring food or drinks wit
You may bring snacks and drinks aboard Marineland Tours,&nbs more...
Do you offer refunds?
Any cancellations or rescheduling requests made prior to 24  more...

What happens if it rains?

MarineLand Tours usually operates in light rain and other moderate weath more...

What time do tours go out?

Tours will operate daily. Please contact us for availability of tours on more...

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